Daily Immune Boosting Habits {with health tea recipe!}

Daily Immune Boosting Habits

These sixΒ  daily immune boosting habits are things that I do (almost) every day, but I try to pay special attention to habits like these during flu season or stressful times! πŸ™‚

Many of these habits are common, but I want to do whatever I can to boost my body’s immune system and overall health! These daily immune boosting habits are some of my favorite ways to cultivate wellness.

Daily Immune Boosting Habits

There are many other habits that I often incorporate during the winter, but these are the top daily habits that I feel consistently contribute to my overall health.

1. SLEEP – there are SO many studies on S L E E P … (see this article for more details and references).Β It’s common knowledge how important a good night’s sleep is, Β but if you’re serious about boosting your immune system and staying healthy it’s a must! Sometimes I set an alarm for the evenings to remind me when it’s time to start winding down and get ready for bed. I find reminders like these especially important when work and life are so full that I could easily stay up late and get up early every day of the week. You have to make sleep a priority. Try diffusing high quality medicinal Lavender Oil in your room before going to sleep, or taking a soothing bubble bath to unwind (such as Stress-Away Bath Bombs by Young Living for a healthy and relaxing evening).Β 

2. CARDIO & FRESH AIR – blood flow is critical to healing and optimal health, as is fresh air- so why not combine the two if possible! Take walks outdoors in nature as often as possible- even if you need to bundle up!Β  Many of us stay inside more often during the winter months (myself included). Because of this, we don’t get as much fresh air, we stay indoors where germs can breed and toxins accumulate, and there are fewer green plants to clean the air we breathe. If you live in a climate that makes it difficult to venture out sometimes, be sure to exercise daily even if that means walking laps indoors.Β Try diffusing essential oils that naturally clean the air you breathe and infuse it with the plant oils you usually get in nature!Β Β 

3. HYDRATE – drink TONS of water! Our bodies are mostly made out of water- so not only do all of our organs and systems need plenty of watery to function best, but we also need extra water to keep our skin, mind, and mood at their best. We keep a large cup of water on our bedside table so that we can start drinking water as soon as we wake up! It’s a great way to wake up, energize, and flush your system, as well as get your metabolism and immune system going.

4. HUGS & LAUGHTER – Cuddle up with a loved one and watch a comedy or play a game that makes you roll with laughter! πŸ™‚ Your atmosphere and relationships really do matter! Positive interactions such as hugs can boost our immune system and health instantly, and true heart-felt laughter can improve your health so much that many research studies have been focused on the topic. God wired our bodies to heal themselves- to protect and fight against dangers- but also to respond in healing and restoring ways when we feel safe, loved, and filled with joy. You may want to try making your own “happy list” like I mentioned in my tips for a healthier happier winter!

Homemade Slow Cooker Chicken Broth

I shared this recipe for homemade slow cooker chicken broth, one of our staples during the winter!

5. NUTRITION – Using fresh herbs in your cooking, choosing colorful vegetables, and consuming bone broth are all ways to boost your overall health. Fresh herbs and vegetables give so much flavor and depth to meals, it’s only a bonus that they are also packed with nutrients! Bone broth is perfect for winter soups that nourish you body and soul. If you need recipe ideas, do a quick search of Pinterest for healthy winter meals (or try one that I’ve shared!)

6. HEALTH TEA – this “tea” is not technically tea, but it’s a concoction that I started drinking a few years ago to help soothe my scratchy throat during winter months. However, there are so many benefits to these ingredients and I find it so soothing that I drink it all throughout the year. It’s often the first thing I drink in the mornings or how I wind down in the evenings. I share the recipe below!

Immune Boosting Daily Habits


  • 1 Tbsp freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 1 Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar organic "with the mother" like this one on amazon
  • 1-2 tsp Fresh Ginger Root grated
  • 1 tsp Local Raw Honey local honey harvested within a 6-10 mile range of where you live in order to get the best health benefits
  • Dash of Cinnamon about 1/16 tsp
  • *Optional additions: Pinch of Nutmeg Pinch of Cloves, or Pinch of Turmeric


  • While water kettle is coming to a boil, place all ingredients in a medium sized coffee cup. Add 8 oz hot water, stirring. Drink within 15 minutes while still warm.
Daily Immune Boosting Habits

And, of course, the other “big” common-sense way to stay healthy– hand washing!! This one felt too basic for me to include above, but it seriously makes such a big difference in limiting the amount of germs that transfer from your environment. If you have additional daily habits that boost your immune system, please share in the comments below!


XOXO Abigail