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Behind the Stones:

We love learning, traveling, and new adventures! David is our resident technology gu-ru/web designer, contractor, carpenter, handy-man, and resident researcher extraordinaire…. also, he’s a great cook! (sorry ladies, I have him locked-in for life, ha!) 🙂 I (Abigail) am the one with the “vision” for most home improvement projects, the baker, health nut, designer, travel planner, and the one who’s always ready to jump into the deep end with both feet!

Together, we’ve found ourselves saying “we can do that” more often than not… Although that has led to some pretty crazy adventures- and occasional mishaps as well- we are HERE for it! Together.

Whether we’re building a sailboat, rewiring a microwave, renovating our little Kentucky cottage, creating new recipes, or going on adventures- it’s all about learning to savor each moment and blessing that we are given. We love finding and sharing “life hacks” that empower us to live a more intentional, beautiful, and fulfilling life. Welcome to that journey!

The Curious Stones About Page
Fragile, imperfect, and messy at times… but life is something to be treasured. It is our privilege to share this beautiful gift of LIFE with you!

If you would like to know more about why Abigail first decided to start this blog (when it was known as LifeByAbigail) please feel free to check out my first post by clicking this link. We are always looking for new ideas, recipes, or vacation destination- so please feel free to send us a quick line with your ideas!

Welcome to The Curious Stones

Dave & Abigail