5 Amazing Apps for Decluttering Your Life & Going Paper(less)!

5 Amazing Apps to Declutter and go Paper(less)!

Today I’ll be sharing my personal top 5 amazing apps for decluttering your life & going paper(less)! We use these apps on a daily basis in our home. Although my husband is waaaayyy more tech savvy than me, I can’t imagine juggling our life and schedules without these resources!Β 

I’ll admit: I was a die-hard pen and paper list maker. Like, really. I would make lists for EVERYTHING, so, when my husband suggested some digital resources for keeping up with my notes, I fought the digital switch with all of my list-making conviction.

But then my husband suggested that I just “give it a try”… and, don’t you know, my life of list making has never been the same since! πŸ˜€

Identify your Paper Clutter Zones! For me, these zones included daily to-do lists, grocery and gift shopping lists, book ideas, recipes, documents to file, bills and receipts to save (just to name a few).

5 Amazing Apps for Decluttering Your Life & Going Paper(less)

An example of our shared digital grocery list using the Listonic app (prices not shown)

β€œThere’s An App For That!” – yes, it’s true. There are some benefits to living in this tech-saturated world- so why not enjoy them! This is not meant to be a comprehensive list of all the amazing apps out there, but these are just 5 of the amazing apps that have helped me get organized and go paper(less)!Β 

My Fav Paper(less) Apps:

  1. Google Keep:Β make lists, save ideas, recipes, meeting notes, draw pictures – and collaborate with others!Β 5 Amazing Apps for Decluttering Your Life & Going Paper(less)I love how easy the Google team has made digital products. If you are one of the many people that already use a Gmail email address, then you already have access to 3 of my 5 suggested apps! Google Keep has truly helped me with decluttering my life, my purse, my countertops… goodbye “where did I put that sticky-note” days! Some of my favorite features include color coding, setting reminders and alarms, creating labels that categorize similar notes (i.e. “recipes”), sharing or sending notes, and collaborating on notes with others (i.e. collaborating with your spouse on the household to-do lists).
  2. Listonic (or Out of Milk): make shopping lists a cinch with these apps that help you categorize, search, add items and track prices to make budgeting easier!5 Amazing Apps for Decluttering Your Life & Going Paper(less)Some of my favorite features about these grocery shopping apps include the ability to record and tally prices so you can keep an eye on your budget, collaborate your shopping lists with others so that multiple users have access to them, and automatic syncing of lists between devices. You never have to be frustrated about forgetting your grocery list on the refrigerator again- your grocery list is always as close as your phone and shared to any device and user that you would like!
  3. Google Calendar: set reminders about events, color code your events, coordinate schedules with ease!Β 5 Amazing Apps for Decluttering Your Life & Going Paper(less)This one may seem obvious, but there are still so many people that use paper schedulers and calendars that I felt the need to share. I was also one of those members, until I gave google calendars a try and discovered how easy and efficient scheduling could be! In only a few seconds I can color code, set reminders, recurring events, share reminders and invite others to events, sync calendars with others (i.e. marriage 1:01!), and so much more! I have never looked back since switching to my digital calendar!
  4. Key Ring: this app helps keep all of your membership cards organized and accessible! Β We use it for our gym membership cards, store loyalty cards, library cards, and much more! If you’re tired of toting a stack of membership cards around or forgetting ID numbers, definitely give this app a try!
  5. Google Drive: scan documents with your phone, create folders, organize, and develop and share documents of all sorts!Β 5 Amazing Apps for Decluttering Your Life & Going Paper(less)

Some of the features I like the most about google drive include being able to easily scan documents into organized digital files with the use of my phone, creating spread sheets and forms on the go, and having easy access to different document format creation and group sharing. I no longer have stacks of papers that I need to scan or file- I can do it instantly with just the click of a button on my phone. Bu-bye paper clutter!!

The best thing about these apps (in my opinion) is that sharing and collaborating lists or notes with others is super easy! This helps out with grocery shopping because no matter which person is at the grocery store, Dave and I both have access to our grocery list at all times! Packing for a trip? Household to-do lists? Special event or dinner party? There’s an app for that! We use these 5 apps to stay organized, on the same page with each other, and more productive in our daily activities.

What apps have you found to help you declutter your life? I would love to hear about them in the comments!

XO Abigail



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