Current Favorites & Natural Personal Care Products

current favorites & natural personal care products
Hello, beautiful friends!!Β 
I’m SO excited to be sharing these discoveries with ya’ll today! I’ve put it off for a few months because I was hoping to make a short talking video about each product, sharing my experience, etc… but life has kept me hopping from one thing to another… and I’m a terrible nerve bundle when it comes to videos, lol! πŸ™‚ Thus, please let me know if you have any questions about my experience and I’ll go into more details in a short video trying to answer them!
Since we’re on this learning journey together, if you have some great, “clean” or natural product swaps- please share them in the comment section below!!Β 
These are products that I use on a daily basis. I switched to these “safer” products after I took the 3-cabinet detox challenge (which was super eye-opening and educational for Dave and I). These product switches are so much cleaner and less toxic than those that I used before and that’s something that I love knowing!!

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored by any brand or company. All reviews and opinions are mine, based on my experiences! πŸ™‚

Current Favorites & Natural Personal Care Products

Deodorant: This one is the “big one” for so many of us! If you’ve ever read articles about the dangers of common deodorant ingredients, or have tried using different natural products only to be disappointed with the effectiveness, you’ll understand the struggle!! We’ve tried many deodorant brands with subpar results, but we are loving our current natural deodorant pick! The Schmidt’s Bergamot + Lime Natural Deodorant has been refreshing and effective! Tip: this deodorant is very firm at room temperature (kind of like hard coconut oil), so I warm the stick against my skin before applying it so that it goes on smoothly without irritating my skin! πŸ™‚

A friend gave me a recipe for homemade natural deodorant that’s worked really well for her, so I may try that out too! Please let me know if you’ve had any experience trying homemade deodorant, I’d love to hear your experience! I like having options like this brand, though, since it’s readily available at stores if I run out of the homemade ingredients or need something in a pinch!

Current Favorites & Natural Personal Care Products

Makeup Remover: This one has been a shocker for me… I mean, olive oil? Really? We’ve cooked with it for years, used it in salad dressings and marinades, but never thought of it as a beauty product! Until now! When I ran out of the expensive all-natural cleansing oil that I had purchased during my first product “swap”, I really didn’t want to spend that extra moola on a product that I felt provided sub-par results. Ya feel me?! πŸ˜‰ I was so happy with how gentle and effective the olive oil worked at removing my makeup, and followed by a gentle plant-based cleanser, left my face clean and fresh with minimal effort… and a minimal price! This is probably my favorite makeup remover I’ve ever used… and it happens to also be all natural!

Current Favorites & Natural Personal Care Products

Makeup (BB Cream!): I love easy, simple, and nourishing products!! This is true for my extremely basic daily makeup routine as well. I’ve been using tinted moisturizers and BB Creams (with sunscreen properties) for years and I love the ease of having a single go-to product that hydrates and protects my face while also smoothing out my complexion a little! Thus, I was not happy when I discovered that the BB cream that I was using daily was packed with dangerous chemicals and actually NOT as nourishing as I first thought! πŸ™ Once I realized the nasty ingredients that I was slathering onto my skin (and soaking into my body), I started hunting for a more nourishing and natural option. The Burt’s Bee’s BB Cream and LaMav BB Cream (both in medium shade) have been my recent picks. I love, love, love the matte cream finish of the LaMav BB Cream and keep going back to that one! πŸ™‚ I’d also love to find a homemade BB Cream recipe that I like using, so please let me know if you have any recommendations!

Current Favorites & Natural Personal Care Products

Shampoo: “To poo or not to poo, that is the question…” Right?! Seriously, though, if you haven’t joined the no-poo bandwagon, most of us use shampoo on a regular basis and have no idea what those floral-smelling colorful substances are doing to our health. We deeply inhale the lovely fragrances that invade our steamy showers, rubbing the concoction into our scalp and hair, making contact with our head and hands… what are the dangers? Too many for my comfort, I discovered after checking the ingredients with my during my detox challenge!Β  We have tried a few natural and “cleaner” plant-based shampoos (sans fragrances and dyes), but our current pick is the 365 Everday Value Fragrance Free Shampoo from Whole Foods. For less than $10 for a large 32oz bottle, it has been a great swap. The only con: I find that the shampoo builds up on my hair and leaves it heavy after a few washes, so I simply dust a little baking soda throughout my hair roots occasionally before hopping in the shower and washing my hair as usual- this clarifies my hair in a cinch! I’m happy to take this quick extra step for the peace of mind that we’re not poisoning ourselves with chemical-laden bath products!

Moisturizer:Β Coconut oil!! Yes, this trendy ingredient is great in the kitchen AND in your beauty routine. I was nervous about giving this product a try since I’ve had skin problems throughout my life and didn’t want to be left feeling oily. But when I checked the ingredients of my name-brand fancy moisturizers (face and body), I was shocked! Since many of the moisturizers that I found in stores had hefty price tags, I decided that I should at least try using the organic coconut oil that I had at home (I look for virgin, or unrefined, organic coconut oilΒ like this one)! Since using a very light amount when I apply this moisturizing oil to my face, it lasts a crazy long time, and I’ve had none of the issues that I was first concerned about! The coconut oil quickly absorbs when a small amount is applied to clean skin and I’m left feeling hydrated and smooth. #winning

Current Favorites & Natural Personal Care Products

Toothpaste: Whenever I’m out of my normal homemade toothpaste ingredients, I like to have a good, safe, and effective toothpaste to fall back on! My current favorite is YoungLiving’s Dentarome Ultra Thieves toothpaste! I first became aware of some of the concerns related to floride and other chemicals in our toothpastes while reading Kelly Brogan’s book, “A Mind of Your Own”, and then further researched my toothpaste ingredients. This was one of the first product switches that I made! My homemade toothpaste and Young Living’s toothpaste have both provided great whitening and cleaning results, so why mess around with dangerous ingredients?! πŸ™‚
I hope that this information about some of my current favorites & personal care products is helpful to you! If you’re interested in more information about my detox journey and how it started, check out my post here!Β 
Until next time,
XOXO Abigail



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    Nancy Veloo


    I’m going to try out the olive oil as remover straight away! Thank you for the tip πŸ™‚

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    Natural products are my fave! And aluminum free deodorant is my go to! I’m using that exact brand but just a different scent. I’m not a huge fan of the consistency but it gets the job done. I might go back to using TOMS. Great read though!

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    Kathy Joy


    I love to roast veggies and use my hands to toss them with olive oil before roasting. My hands get a quick rinse and them I rub all the excess olive oil from my hands on my arms and legs. Makes my skin nice and soft.

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    It makes me so happy to see more and more people going ‘natural’ and away from commercial skin care. I have been making all my own skincare and household cleaning products for over a year now and feel the benefits in my house. I realise how irritated my nose had been all the time by washing powder, dish washing liquid etc. Much better now!! Keep up the good work and maybe we can share recipes.

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    Hi Abigail,

    I really enjoyed your post. You have a great conversational tone that’s fun to read and I love how you ask for opinions/thoughts from others on their favorites. I will have to try the olive oil option as a make up remover. Thanks for sharing! Dana

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    I’ve tried SO many natural, aluminum free deodorants and NONE of them work for me. I’ll have to give this one a try. I have also been washing my face with Norwex body clothes! They are amazing for make-up removal and my face seems so clean afterwards!

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    Saroya Ann


    Hey Abby, I totally loved your article about your natural skincare favorites! Im really excited to try the The Schmidt’s Bergamot + Lime Natural Deodorant πŸ™‚
    I can’t wait to read more of your blog posts!
    Have a blessed day!!!
    Saroya Ann

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    Ruth E Kongaika


    I’m always on the lookout for effective inexpensive beauty products. There are so many to choose from and it takes a lot of trial and well error, so I am glad I ran onto your blog to get some recommendations. Thanks!

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    Thanks for sharing these products. I have been wanting to switch some of my products to more natural and eco-friendly options. I will definitely try some of these out.