5 Tips for Styling Your Home on a Budget

Hello, friends! There are so many fun tips and tricks that I can’t wait to share! Today I’ll be sharing these simple 5 Tips for Styling Your Home on a Budget!

At least a couple times a year I like to do a major “home refresh” – which means major purging, decluttering, and re-styling of our home! It makes me feel so good! I literally feel “lighter” and can think more clearly and am inspired when my space reflects that attitude.

Sometimes the answer to our desire for a beautiful retreat is not found in the aisles of the nearest home store.

Many times it’s all about STYLING and making the most of what you already have! 

 #1 – Define Your Style

First things first- determining your style. Don’t rush this step! If you don’t know what style you are going for, then the rest of the steps are difficult. Pinterest is perfect for this, but you can also gather magazine clippings and pictures of spaces that you LOVE and inspire you. Take the time to identify recurring themes in your collection of inspirational spaces.

  • What are key elements: Do you love a certain color palettes, wood finishes, or accent pieces?
  • What is the recurring “vibe” or theme in the spaces that you love most?

I specify “most” because we can often appreciate several styles, but we will be drawn to the ones that reflect the style and energy with which we are most comfortable and happy surrounding ourselves with at this point in our lives.

#2 – Create a Blank Slate (Become a Declutter Queen)

Take EVERYTHING out of the space. I could make an entire other post on the process of decluttering your space, but for now stick to these basic categories:

  1. Trash
  2. Love It/Keep
  3. Not Sure (try to keep this pile as small as possible- only use if you’re really deliberating and can’t decide within a few seconds)
  4. Donate/Give Away

I like to either create these 4 piles in the middle of the room or (for a smaller space) pull everything totally out of the space and arrange my piles in the adjacent room or hallway to prepare for the final steps. Important note: don’t linger too long on this step! If you do, you may get overwhelmed by which item is a “maybe” versus “keep”- follow your gut here!! Also, it helps if you remove all of the quick/easy items first, such as bagging up all the obvious trash and separating the definite “keepers” before you get down to the nitty-gritty of deciding which items will land in the donate pile.

A great resource if you’re looking for more about decluttering is Marie Kondo’s book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

#3 – Break It Down

Sometimes we can’t see the forest through the trees, so it’s a good idea to break your room into quadrants or a few specific spaces (i.e., the dressing area, the bed and bedside tables, the sitting area). Work space-by-space around the room following the process in step 4 before assessing the overall effect in step 5, you can check the overall effect after you complete each area. Breaking your space into smaller spaces makes the process more “bite sized” and achievable, giving you a sense of traction along the way.5 Tips for Styling Your Home on a Budget

#4 – Double-Check Your Progress

Add one item at a time into the area that you’re focusing on, stepping back and doing a double-take after adding an item or two to see what effect it creates in the space. Too clutter-y? Not attractive to your eye? Sometimes you need to try adding another object that will balance the first, or you need to remove the object and keep it in your reserve until you can determine later whether you need it in that space. Start with the basic “bones” of the space first (such as larger furniture pieces, lamps, etc) and build outwards to the smaller accent pieces (vase of flowers, a book, etc.) in order to balance your space.

#5 – Take Pictures & Make a Wish List

This is a huge one! When I think I have the space how I want it and I like the overall vibe, I always take a few pictures from the angles that I would normally be entering and interacting with the space. In other words- don’t take a close up pic of that adorable little tea-cup on your nightstand (you can admire the details later). You’re trying to assess the overall affect and “feel” that you’ve created. Seeing it on the screen of your camera of phone creates a more objective setting, giving you fresh eyes for assessing your work. This step often opens my eyes to an imbalance in the room or the need for extra lighting in one area or another.

After assessing my hard work and giving myself a pat on the back, haha (because it feels so great to completely refresh a space like this!)- I take a moment to make a Wish List on my phone so that any items that I decided were lacking in the space (such as a pillow or lamp) will be easily accessible as a reminder for the next time that I’m at a shop or second hand store. No more mindlessly looking through items wondering what it is that I had wanted to get for our home! This helps cut down on unnecessary purchases as well, which helps maintain your decluttered and beautiful home!

I hope these tips inspire you to refresh your space! I’d love to hear about any additional tips or tricks that you’ve discovered for styling your home in the comments below!

XO Abigail

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5 Tips for Styling Your Home on a Budget